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Camera Austria International 109 | 2010

Camera Austria International 109 | 2010

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Every issue of Camera Austria, including this one, the first for 2010, represents a process of reflection and cooperation framed by the time that goes into producing this publication. It is a very rewarding – and new – experience every time for all those involved to join the artists and authors in defining all the details of production required to translate the project into a magazine format, and we would like to thank everyone who played a part in making this issue for this willingness.

Rike Frank discusses with Dublin-based artist Sarah Pierce about her work, that for the most part comprises discursive formats such as interviews, discussions and texts. Pierce creates archives, initiates workshops and develops complex installations that are often centred on in-depth research processes. Her interest is on exploring the exhibition process itself, the organisation of material, the role of the display, and the combination of stories. Pierce’s conceptual practice, for which she has been using the title “The Metropolitan Complex” since 2003, stems from an understanding of artistic work as a contribution to socially relevant cultural production.

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