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Uroš Hočevar / Estetika reportažne fotografije

Uroš Hočevar / Estetika reportažne fotografije

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The book Estetika reportažne fotografije, the debut novel by the renowned photojournalist Uroš Hočevar, deals with the field of reportage photographs as carriers of memory with the possibility of crossing over into the field of iconic images. For him, the latter represent a unique condensation of time and the culmination of the creative energy of the artist who consciously pressed the shutter of the camera at a precise "decisive moment", the complete opposite of digital photographic quotations or Abu Ghraib torture photographs.

In the book, the author both describes and reflects on the historical evolution of reportage photography, from its original split between the timelessness of art to the documentary capture of the moment in the 1920s, to its current involvement in mass media, which inevitably gives it a political dimension and raises questions about regimes of viewing. The author also pays special attention to the photographs themselves, so that the work includes analytical descriptions and reflections on some of the most famous (and in several cases notorious) images from the medium's existence.

Language: Slovenian
 16 × 12 cm
Binding: softcover
Publisher: Maska, 2010

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