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Tea Golob / Dih neskončnosti

Tea Golob / Dih neskončnosti

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A poetic record of impressions created on the basis of a geomantic approach in connection with space and beings from multidimensional planes.

It consists of eight narratives that outline the magic of the chosen locations and at the same time reveal the author's personal experience. The text follows her inner call to think and act differently in processes of transformation. It was written with the awareness that the path to the new is not an easy one, as it requires us to completely reimagine the forms of life that manifest themselves through the cosmic and Gaia's consciousness. An important support in these processes are the spaces that are already on this path, offering help and encouragement in collaboration with the elemental and angelic beings of transformation. These spaces inspire, connect and at the same time awaken in us the spark of awareness of our true essence.

By presenting these spaces, Tea Golob wants to show not so much where, but how, in what ways of cooperation and communication with the spaces and with ourselves, it is possible to recognise the beginnings of transformation anywhere and at any time, and how to integrate oneself into the wonderful flow of the new that runs through the whole of creation. To dissolve the boundaries between seemingly important and unimportant spaces, the powerful and the powerless, the sanctified and the unsanctified. Each with its role in the embodied and the disembodied world is part of a whole which, only when tuned together, produces the purest melody.

Language: Slovene
Size: 17.5 x 17.5 cm, 80 pages
Binding: hardcover
Publisher: Vitaaa, 2021

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