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Špela Šivic / Brugnon

Špela Šivic / Brugnon

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Špela Šivic is an emerging photographer, whose first book Brugnon was self-published in 2021. In the photobook, Šivic captures intimate moments with her closest friends in black and white, occasionally adding a pop of colour. As she says herself, she prefers analogue photography as she finds the process of developing photographs on her own thrilling.

»Photography has its charm. It captures a moment that would otherwise go by – and I can only express my feelings through photography.« – Špela Šivic

BRUGNON. Variété de peche a peau lisse et noyau adhérent. / A sort of a peach with a smooth surface and an easily removable pit.

In the familiar circumstances of the pandemic, there has been a constant sense of being trapped in a world where negative energy comes from everywhere. As a powerful confessional form, art is something that allows us to show a different view, to open the door to another reality. The book tries to offer an escape into a world of simple beauty, eternal youth, sometimes moderate indifference. Brugnon was made in the home environment of a friend's, and the black and white taste of the photographs was created in the simple darkroom in the kitchen of a small apartment in the middle of the city, and then balanced with the luscious colours of summer memories. Is it another world, a parallel version of this one, or maybe it's all just a dream – it's up to each individual to decide.

Language: English
Size: 30 x 22 cm, 78 pages
Binding: hardcover
Publisher: self-published, 2021
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