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Simon Chang / Three Weeks Behind the Castle Walls / Newspaper

Simon Chang / Three Weeks Behind the Castle Walls / Newspaper

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The magazine Three Weeks Behind the Castle Walls is the result of Simon Chang's residency at Cmurek Castle (Museum of Madness).

From the newspaper Three Weeks Behind the Castle Walls

"After placing a few freshly sliced pineapple slices in the exhibition space (to get rid of the smell of urine that filled the rooms from the time when they were used for patients) and meditating for six minutes, I moved my desk to the other side of the inner courtyard, so that I was facing the entrance, and then resumed my journal writing. In my mind I tried to speak to this unique space. I closed my eyes and listened to the silent decay of the centuries-old multi-storey building. Apart from the chirping of birds and the occasional sound of cars, everything was so quiet that the sounds of peeling paint were clear and precise. I imagined I was a security guard, assigned to spend three weeks here, watching over the castle in solitude and all that is slowly fading into oblivion." - Simon Chang

Limited edition of 500 / Stamped by the photographer

Photographs: Simon Chang
Texts: Simon Chang, Sonja Bezjak, Barbara Kotnik, Darja Farasin, Nataša Kramberger, Dušan Petrovčič, Ivan Župec, Daniela Škof, Palma Cvek, Vesna Ivšek, Uroš Kosijer and inhabitants of SVZ Hrastovec, Aleksander Gungl
Translations: Vida Jocif & Joan Wang

Language: English, Slovenian
Size: 40 x 30 cm
Binding: soft
Publisher: Muzej Norosti, 2022
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