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DK / Scotoma 

DK / Scotoma 

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With Scotoma, DK focuses on one of the most controversial premises of quantum theory. This is an idea that has long occupied the thoughts of both physicists and philosophers alike and has always been deeply rooted in human understanding, from ancient texts to postmodern metaphysics – namely, that the observer, by the very act of observing, co-creates observed reality. For DK it is not just “that photography is participatory – that I am responsible for whatever I place in a photograph since the information in it is stored for further transfers and future observers”. He insists that the viewer’s participation is necessary too, with the viewer’s consciousness having the potential to create both the external form and truth itself through the process of observing. DK links this potential with the idea of scotomata. In medicine, a scotoma is a spot in the field of vision where vision is either impaired or absent. It can be dark, very bright, blurred, or flickering. DK uses the term in a figurative sense to mean a gap in our perception, recognition, and understanding of what we have seen – a mental process, in other words.

“I don't travel to photograph. I photograph to travel.” DK has created an astonishing body of photographs taken in the immediate vicinity of his studio: although invariably abstract and containing no reference to the actual motif, the images are pregnant with visual elements that not only intensify the aesthetic impression but also serve as powerful vehicles for the content he is trying to convey.

Language: Slovenian, English 
Size: 24,3 x 24,7 cm
Binding: hardcover 
Publisher: Muzej in galerije mesta Ljubljane, 2019

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