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Karin Mack / Räume des Selbst

Karin Mack / Räume des Selbst

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In her review of works entitled 'Räume des Selbst' [Spaces of the Self] Karin Mack brings together works spanning more than 35 years. The Viennese artist has been a leading protagonist of feminist and performative art since the 1970s and, working from her self-portraits/self-images, has regularly revisited the medium of landscape. In the interplay between these two artistic genres she produces associative images through the highest concentration of form. In a sort of remake she uses found-footage material, photo-analytical experiments such as her negative prints - for instance her legendary series entitled Weiße Schatten auf schwarzem Schnee [White Shadows on Black Snow] from 1982 - to create a type of Gesamtkunstwerk, or total work of art, which surprisingly emerges as a lifework of art. The two essays by Astrid Peterle and Angela Schwank are complemented by the author’s own texts.

Text by Angela Schwank, Astrid Peterle
Language: German, English
Size: 25 x 21 cm,
80 pages
Binding: softcover
Publisher: Fotohof, 2010 

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