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NZS 100

NZS 100

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Football, which is the most popular sports game in the world and thus also one of the most universal languages ​​of mankind, has been played in Slovenia for more than a century. The decisive event for this happened in 1920 when we got the first umbrella football organization in the area of ​​today's Slovenia - Ljubljana Football Association, from which today's Football Association of Slovenia developed after the Second World War.

Language: Slovenian, English 
Editor: Igor Evgen Bergant
Expert Advisors: dr. Aleš Šafarič (Planica Institute of Sports of the Republic of Slovenia- Sports Museum), dr. Tomaž Pavlin (Faculty of Sports, University of Ljubljana), Matic Kodrič (Football Association of Slovenia), Igor Evgen Bergant
Text: dr. Tomaž Pavlin, Igor Evgen Bergant, Guy De Launey
Art Director: Barbara Čeferin
Design: New Collectivism
Size: 27 x 27 cm, 190 pages
Binding: softcover
Publisher: Football Association of Slovenia, 2020

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