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Pietro Vischi / Nič osebnega / Niente di personale

Pietro Vischi / Nič osebnega / Niente di personale

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Nothing Personal is a kind of short “photographic essay” on the theme ‘distance’, or ‘being far off’, with an ending of “chills due to unforeseen events”.
By following the mode of Peter Piller or, even earlier, of Hans-Peter Feldmann, the images employed, which are from the daily press, mix up - at a first glance - with a thousand similar ones. Actually, they were taken from a local weekly, printed in the author’s hometown, where he knows pretty well (as if to defy the booklet’s title) the people and places pictured.
The re-used photos are therefore part of an under way collection of “affectionate images”, enriched on a weekly basis when the postman shows up.
Thus, Nothing Personal sets forth a form of ‘open reading’, varying depending on how acquainted the reader is with the author. Whose real identity, a the end, will be revealed only by the last photograph…

Anselmo Barni

Language: Slovenian, Italien
Size: 21 x 15 cm, 48 pages
Binding: softback
Publisher: Nediža Studies Centre and la casa editrice, Olgiate Molgora (LC), 2011

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