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Aleksandra Vajd, Hynek Alt / My Left Hand

Aleksandra Vajd, Hynek Alt / My Left Hand

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The seven photographs of the cycle My Left Hand were made in the same year as No Audible Dialog. The left hand gradually turns around its axis and viewer does not have to notice at all that in one photograph his hand substituted hers / her hand substituted his. Thus, My Left Hand can associate the relational plane of man-womanunfinished. In principle, even that time, it was about defining a space in which Hynek Alt and Aleksandra Vajd would move in the future. The trust in a photograph, which we accept as a given fact in a certain moment ("the photographs represent this and that"), was thrown off its balance through a simple trick.

The photographic sequence was introduced as a tool suitable for violating the cohesive judgement or rather, at least, to its transposition to a different level on which the solid ground gives way under our feet. Therefore, My Left Hand was affected by the transformative change of the approach Alt and Vajd had adopted in 2006. The politics of an image is a politics of detachment, illusion and ambiguity which does not have to be shown ostentatiously but which always leeks elegance, fineness, playfulness or archetype of images with which Alt and Vajd approach us when photographing optical illusions and views from caves, simulating meteorological phenomena or taking the photograph down from the wall and exhibiting it as a three-dimensional object in space. Jiří Ptáček

Language: English, Slovenian
Text: Jen Kratochvil, Jiři Ptáček, Pavel Vančát
Size: 23 x 16,5 cm, 127 pages
Binding: softcover
Publisher: Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague, 2014

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