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Matej Peljhan / Photographies

Matej Peljhan / Photographies

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The book Photographies is the first monographic selection of Peljhan's photographs, which are characterised by a conceptual approach. The selected sets of photographs offer rounded yet intertwining themes, while the individual photographs are enhanced by their simple and disarming titles. We encounter a communicative photographic stance that speaks to the viewer and prompts immediate associative reflection, underneath which lies humanism of the noblest kind.

Peljhan is close to the motifs of people and the architecture of the urban environment, where he tries to capture, on the one hand, the simple and mundane, and on the other hand, original and contrasting motifs that, through the interplay of elementary, universally readable symbols, tell stories or stimulate different thinking.

Matej Peljhan is a clinical psychologist who works professionally with children with special needs, and is also known for having twice completed the Ironman triathlon, the world's toughest one-day sporting challenge, despite his physical disability. He only started taking photographs in 2009, but has exhibited at more than 150 international photography salons and won more than 70 awards. At home, he has exhibited his work in four solo exhibitions. Two of his works are included in the photographic collection of the Museum and Galleries of Ljubljana. He is the co-author of the book Behind the Speech of Images, one of the most important works on the philosophy of photography in the Slovenian language. In 2012 he co-founded the Institute for Photographic Therapy, where he conducts workshops, trainings and writes professional articles.

Language: Slovene, English
Size: 29 × 29 cm
Binding: hardcover
Publisher: Zavod za fotografsko terapijo, 2012

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