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Maja Šimenc / Into the Woods

Maja Šimenc / Into the Woods

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Maja Šimenc’s photographs show above all a tendency to redefine nature photography. They move somewhere between a soft, fairytale-like focus and a unique rawness, and an apparent, deliberate bluntness.

We are drawn to the oscillation between an almost mystical atmosphere created through the blending of light and shadow in a soft focus reminiscent of Margaret Cameron’s Julia, and sharp lines that do not aim for technical perfection.

When viewing the photographs, we are placed in the role of the observer, who must switch between different perspectives and attitudes towards the visual images, but with an intuitively conceived narrative, the artist allows the insight to be given unencumbered and the reality to be found in the space in between.

Language: English
: 21 × 14 cm
Binding: softcover
Publisher: The Angry Bat, 2022 

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