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Stojan Kerbler, Liljana Klemenčič / Kurent

Stojan Kerbler, Liljana Klemenčič / Kurent

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A tale of the mysterious, mythical creature, that is an important part of our social and cultural environment. The contemporary kurent is at the same time one of those characters known all over the world.

Liljana Klemenčič, librarian, folklorist and teacher, tells a story of a simple, poor boy who lost his parents and had to go in search of his daily bread. After seven years, he got tired of work and with his earnings set off into the world. Because he was kindhearted, he soon gave away both his hard-earned money and his clothes. But because goodness still holds value in fairytales, he was richly rewarded. The story is aimed at adult audiences and children. It is accompanied by photographs taken by Stojan Kerbler, who in 2020 received the grand Prešeren award for life achievement. The master chose works from over fifty years, and made one - a full moon with a waving Kurent on it - specifically for the book on the 10th of January 2020.

Language: Slovenian, English, German
Size: 20 × 20 cm, 112 pages
Binding: hardback
Publisher: Pivec, 2019

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