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Ivo Vraničar / Fototeka: fotografska zapuščina XX. stoletja

Ivo Vraničar / Fototeka: fotografska zapuščina XX. stoletja

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The National Museum of Contemporary History was founded in 1948 as the National Liberation Museum of the People's Republic of Slovenia. It was one of the first museums of the revolution that were founded in the Federal People's Republic of Yugoslavia after the end of the World War II. Its purpose was tied to acquiring and exhibiting the material from the period of the national liberation struggle. 
In 1952, a special department was created as part of the museum, called the Fototeka, where the photographic material from the World War II was stored. Over time, the collections of the Fototeka surpassed the period of the World War II and were complemented with the visual material of the entire twentieth century. The photographic archive of the National Museum of Contemporary History is the largest photographic archive in the country and serves as a source for study, evaluation, and understanding of the previous century.

Editors: dr. Kaja Širok, Ivo Vraničar, Andreja Zupanec Bajželj
Texts: Ivo Vraničar, Katarina Jurjavčič, dr. Monika Kokalj Kočevar, Marko Ličina, Nataša Strlič, dr. Kaja Širok, Jožefa Šparovec, mag. Marko Štepec, mag. Mateja Tominšek Perovšek, Irena Uršič, Andreja Zupanec Bajželj
Language: Slovenian
: 29 x 22,8 cm, 400 pages
Binding: softcover
Publisher: National Museum of Contemporary History, 2017

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