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Emina Djukić / Burden of Freedom

Emina Djukić / Burden of Freedom

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In her most recent work Emina Djukić presents a photo story containing autobiographical reflections on seeking her own path in life and her own place under the sun. The present photobook is the core of Djukić's project, which shall be read and interpreted in number of ways. It is a story about making everyday decisions but also, occasionally, groundbreaking decisions. It is about cycles, about the infinite multitude of possibilities available in a modern society and the resulting disorientation of an individual who often needs (at least) a loose framework of values to obtain a certain measure of desired freedom. It is about searching for order in chaos.

This visual narrative combines diverse genres, techniques and styles while triggering unexpected connections between particular photographs upon closer inspection, whenever an attempt to decode or interpret them is made. The depicted motifs can thus be read as metaphors and symbols. It is precisely this transformation that offers a central strategy for assembling fragments into an entirety. This is indeed a method that enables the translation of the inside (invisible) to the outside (visible) experience. Although the basic storyline envisages a linear reading, however, as any photographic book it also allows leaping, returning and respectively non-linear reading but at the same time the viewer or reader of the photographs also seeks and creates their own personal stories.

Language: English
Size: 23 x 15 cm, 167 pages
Binding: hardcover
Edition: 300
Publisher: self-publishing Photon

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