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DK / Remnants

DK / Remnants

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"The study of the horizon of perception remains at the heart of the artist's reflection in his latest project, Remains, in which he raises in particular the question of what an image can be. The starting point for this series of abstract images are fragments of old, worn and damaged negatives from his archive, on which he has discovered various mechanical damages and light stains that have become the central "motifs" of his works and the carriers of new meanings. Although he does not use a camera in his creative process, his way of creating images is photographic: he transforms unsightly details – nicks, scratches, spots – into aesthetic compositions using photographic means, magnification and skilful framing." Nataša Kovšca

Text: Nataša Kovšca
Language: Slovenian, English
Size: 27 x 21 cm
Binding: softcover
Publisher: Galerija Gong – Zavod za promocijo sodobne umetnosti, 2023

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