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Bruno Cattani / Eros

Bruno Cattani / Eros

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The series Eros by Bruno Cattani invites us to reconsider, with new eyes and perception, themes such as desire and pathos, understood as that feeling capable to create an intense feeling and a total aesthetic and emotional involvement.

Sculptural art, taken up in some of its highest representations, becomes the pretext to share a new interpretation of the intense relationship between beauty and eroticism, materiality and abstraction, true and false, affinities and distinctions, thus leading the viewer to a visionary and empathetic contemplation, which stems from the surprising humanization of the plastic object so presented. It is a real metamorphosis, a vital impetus, made possible thanks to the wise use that the author makes of photography, as the most appropriate means to achieve his desired result: to finally give breath to the works photographed, to create models - protagonists and interlocutors - of a dialogue about eroticism and desire.

Cattani's photos reveal unknown features and qualities because they go beyond the object itself; decontextualized from the immobility in which they are historically locked in by the raw material and time, these figures represent living and complex elements endowed with dynamic memories, which show themselves as carnal, pulsating and changing subjects.

Language: English, Italian
Size: 20.3 x 14.5 cm, 80 pages
Binding: hardcover
Publisher: Artphilein Editions, Lugano, 2019

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