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Boris Gaberščik - Fotografije

Boris Gaberščik - Fotografije

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Boris Gaberščik received the 2018 Prešeren Fund Award for his art photography, in which he recorded his »minimalistic proclamation of reist philosophy« through two awarded cycles, namely: Solve et Coagula and Von Dieser Welt, created in the last four years. The poetics of Boris Gaberščik’s photography, palpable in the inner light of the objects, depicted in timeless space, remains true to its original definition. It signifies the creation and re-creation of the new, art world, or, as his colleague Milan Pajk phrased it in his exposé on the Award presentation: “Essen­tially, photography is a snapshot of the real, but, in Gaberščik’s case, more of a reflection of the newly created, since the world as his images unveil it, had not existed before.” 

This book was published accompanying the exhibition of Boris Gaberščik in the Gallery of Prešeren Laureates Kranj, in 2018. 


Language: Slovenian, English
Text: Marko Arnež, Hana Čeferin, Renata Štebih
Size: 25 x 17 cm, pages 95
Binding: Hardback
Publisher: Galerija Prešernovih nagrajencev Kranj, 2018

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