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Bojan Radovič / Replica

Bojan Radovič / Replica

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The publication is a catalogue of the eponymous retrospective exhibition of the photographer Bojan Radovič, which brings together 18 cycles related to the title – either in content or in the concept of making photographs. The exhibition covered the last 15 years of the photographer's career and was on view at the Jakopič Gallery from 25 October 2022 to 22 January 2023.

The accompanying texts to the monograph were contributed by the theoretician, curator and philosopher Marina Gržinić, PhD (Institute of Philosophy, ZRC SAZU), and the curator and head of the Jakopič Gallery, Dr Marija Skočir, PhD, who also edited the book in collaboration with curator Julia Hoda.

In order to understand what the monograph Replika is about, it is necessary to think of the photographer, as Dr Marina Gržinić emphasised in her text: "Bojan Radovič is one of the central figures of contemporary Slovenian photography and its trajectories. He has been present in the Slovenian art world and, before that, in the Yugoslav photographic space, as a photographer and as a brilliant developer of photographs, as well as the producer of numerous exhibition projects and as the organiser of numerous photographic events. As a genuine follower of the contemporary Slovenian photographic scene, he has been engaged in photographic practice for decades, exploring its aesthetic and conceptual dimensions and its incapacities, and has also been a supporter of many photographers of different generations."

The monograph and the exhibition Bojan Radovič: Replika highlight the most important creative works that have marked Radovič's photographic path and which allow for an ever-new questioning of the material, technological, formal and theoretical postulates of photography. The monograph presents a total of 18 photographic series by Bojan Radovič, in which the idea of the replica manifests itself on various levels.By creating a tension between aesthetic experience and an ethical message that is not derived from photography, but from relationships and context, the viewer is left open to a wide field of his own reflection within the exhibition, in which each person replicates his or her own historical memory. "If perfect copies of me could be made, the existence of replicas would destroy my uniqueness without invalidating my value or meaning..."  Marina Gržinić, PhD

Language: Slovene, English
Size:  24.7 x 24.5 cm, 158 pages
Binding: hardcover 
Publisher: Muzej in galerije mesta Ljubljana, 2022

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