Collection: Special edition print sale - TANJA LAŽETIĆ - Flowers 55

For the special occasion of celebrating 8th of March, Women's Day, and Tanja's 55th birthday, which is on 14th of March, the artist prepared a limited edition of 10 works created especially for this occasion.

In the series, Lažetić is researching the meaning of companionship and closeness, and in her own way addresses the depressing period of the pandemic.

Artist Tanja Lažetić is dealing with the topic of flowers since at least 2018, when she first presented the project 5 Flowers 8 Photographs in Galerija Fotografija. Later, they were published as a collection of 100 photographs in the monograph 100 Flowers (Didakta/Galerija Fotografija, 2021). She photographed each flower individually, but digitally modified their colours, which emphasised the artificial nature of imported decorative flowers. By doing this, she brought out their “real” colours and turned them into objects of beauty and perfection. But the period of the pandemic altered her perspective of the blossoms. Rather than in cold detachment, she became interested in closeness – do even genetically modified flowers, almost reminiscent of plastic objects, need intimacy and affection? Flowers have always stood in solitude for the artist, but now form gentle pairs, reminding us of the importance of tenderness and cohabitation.

The selection of ten photographs,
size 24 cm x 18 cm
at a special price of 100 eur,
can be purchased
in our online store
in our gallery on Levstikov trg 7, in Ljubljana.

For any additional information please send us an email to or call us at 00386 41 664 357.

The special edition of photos is available until Friday, 15th April 2022.

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