Collection: EURO ROTELLI

Euro Rotelli (1955) is an Italian photographer born in Tuscany. A strong inner desire to communicate his feelings led him first to experimenting with painting, then photography. Thus a passion developed which brought him to the point of not only making photography his daily work, but also of expressing himself artistically through this medium. He began to dedicate himself to research of new techniques and approaches. He is enthralled by both landscapes and the people he portrays in black and white, while carrying out his own personal experiments in the darkroom. His discovery of Polaroid enables him to achieve the means to fully express his way of `feeling´ and `interpreting´ reality as he sees it. This procedure, in fact, allows him to intervene and work upon the picture’s surface manually, with results that are always different and original. His research brought him to the use of different films and materials, to experiment with techniques such as Transfer, Emulsion Lift, Manipulations, Painting and Collage, and inventing and perfecting personal proceedings that enable him to transform the objective reality into an intimate personal language. His work has been published in various reviews and international magazines and he exhibits both in Italy and abroad and he has been given International awards and reviews as well. His photographs can be found in private and public collections and art galleries. 

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