Bojan Brecelj's creative work encompasses the field of visual communication, primarily photography – documentary, experimental and fine art. In the field of documentary photography, he focuses on themes related to the environment, sustainability and changes in society, while tackling possible solutions and positive aspects of these issues. Between 1988 and 2002, Brecelj worked as a freelance photographer and collaborated with various magazines and photography agencies in France, Italy, England and Germany (such as Gamma, Still Pictures, Visum, Saola, Grazia Neri, Corbis). His fine art photography explores the complexity of visual perceptions and is deeply rooted in nature, Brecelj’s continuous source of inspiration. His reporter work is published in Geo Korea, Dazed&Confused, Focus UK. He published several monographs, among them Strange Friends in 1998 and most recently Selffish (2019) in collaboration with Galerija Fotografija gallery. He is also the co-founder of the photography agency IPAK Images (2001- 2010) in Ljubljana.

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