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Ivo Vraničar / Stoletje tisočerih svetlob : ateljejski fotograf Peter Lampič

Ivo Vraničar / Stoletje tisočerih svetlob : ateljejski fotograf Peter Lampič

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The photographer Peter Lampič was born in 1899 and lived to be 102 years old. He was a doyen of Slovenian photographers at the break of the millennium. Between 1919 and 1922 he learned his trade at master Marinko on Poljanska street in Ljubljana. As an assistant, he worked for Franc Kunc, with whom he stayed for a year and a half and gained a lot of experience. He remained at home for a short while and then found employment at the studio of a famous Ljubljana photographer August Berthold, led by the deceased's widow, a relative of Franc Kunc. Peter Lampič stayed there until 1932 - when he started out on his own. In his index book from 1932 - 1941, each letter is adorned by the inscription, "from May 15th onwards". For him, this date was incredibly important, as that was when he moved to his new house in Stožice, also the location of his photo studio in which he created for the next 70 years. When Peter Lampič died in 2001, his inheritors, daughter Majda and son Janez Lampič presented his collection to our museum. We took possession of it in the beginning of 2006. It consists of around 42,500 shots, mostly on glass plates. The photo materials were stored in carton photo boxes, the plates are numbered, as are the boxes. In the inventory books, the serial number, the date and the contents of the photo are listed, as well as the name and surname of the person portrayed or the person ordering (paying) for the photo. The inventory books show that he started taking photos for customers already as a trainee for master Marinko, as his first entry is dated May 9th (1920). The first book consists of photos up to 4771 until April, 1932. On May 15th, 1932, when he moved to his new house, he restarted the inventory books and started again with the number 1. The last entry is from December 7th, 1991, finishing with the number 37,673. Most of his photos were created in the studio, this was where he captured portraits of men and women in various clothes and on various events, such as weddings, there is extreme variation and affection in the portraits of children, and many photos are of people wearing national garbs. He also took photos of events outside his studio. There are interesting shots of members of the sports societies Sokol and Orel and their performances, cycling competitions, firefighters' celebrations, blessings of new firefighting stations and machines and consecration of new church bells. His widely-varied field work is complemented by shots of housekeeping and tailoring courses, shots in craftsmen's workshops, snaps of first happy owners of new motorcycles and cars, many were taken of amateur theatre groups, communions, confirmations, musical shows and other cultural events as well as funerals and people on the catafalque. We are extremely grateful to both donators for the rich and interesting materials.

Language: Slovenian, English
Size: 31 cm x 24 cm, 259 pages
Binding: Softcover
Publisher: National Museum of Contemporary History, 2010

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