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Maska Magazine, nr. 215–216 – Somatics

Maska Magazine, nr. 215–216 – Somatics

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The impetus for the theme of this issue is the fact that interest in somatic practices has visibly expanded in Slovenian contemporary art in the last decades. These are holistic approaches to movement that explore movement from the perspective of how it can be understood and felt from within and not how it is performed and seen, which tends to open completely different insights into the connection between mind and body. The present issue is thus a contribution to the description and critical discussion of selected artistic practices based on somatics and is by no means an inventory of all such attempts. It is a contribution to their understanding and a stone in the mosaic of activism for more conscious action, embodied thought, slowing down and empathic action.

Language: Slovenian
 29 × 22.5 cm
Binding: softcover
Publisher: Maska, 2023

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