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Jean Pierrot / Clay

Jean Pierrot / Clay

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The second book of acclaimed photographer Jean Pierrot. A visual masterpiece that explores tactile simplicity through the natural environment and the human form.

"I want the book to feel like a simple, clear thought. Like a cold, sobering wind at the end of the summer." - Jean Pierrot

Prometheus shaped man out of mud, and Athena breathed life into his creation. The emergence of life from clay appears in the earliest mythology, literature and thought. In civilisations as divergent as the Ancient Egyptians, Greeks, the Chinese, Incas and Māori, there was a common belief in gods creating flesh and blood from mud. Clay minerals were even proposed as possible genetic materials, indicating that they could have played an active role in the origin of life.

The geography of this ephemeral world became the ideal canvas for “CLAY”. This ancient landscape can change its glorious shape like footprints in the sand the moment wind or swell has a change of heart. And like the driftwood, ground by the elements until it’s fully naked, “clay” too is made bare and unclothed by its materiality as well as its content.

With this book begins Pierrot’s own testament. Creating with an instinctive ancestral and fertile notion of form and values. Showing a visible outward appearance of the natural and the primal – with ethics and aesthetics in harmony.

Limited to 1000 copies.

Language: English

Binding: hardcoverEdition: 1000 copies
Publisher: Equator, 2021

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