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Contemporary Lynx Magazine / Food 2 (18) 2022

Contemporary Lynx Magazine / Food 2 (18) 2022

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Every day we bite, chew, swallow and excrete. The feeling of tightness in the oesophagus, stomach pain or hunger accompanies us at each step. Food has a powerful influence on our lives, it affects our body and mind. Not surprisingly, it has also been a recurring motif in art for centuries. But in 2022 — in post-pandemic times of war, recession, rampant inflation, the threat of food shortages in the shops in the next six months, rising gas and electricity prices — it takes on even greater significance. That is why we have decided to dedicate this issue of the magazine to food. In this issue, we have prepared a real feast for you — come join us at the table.

Our reflections are captured symbolically in two covers designed and handcrafted especially for us by illustrator Igor Kubik. The choice is either a banana or an apple. The cover makes you reflect on eating habits and the way food is displayed. We would like you to focus on this matter, because every visit to the grocery shop, no matter where it is located, is an encounter with the absurdity of packaging fruit and vegetables in plastic — even individual pieces.

Language: English
Size: 27 x 21 cm, 188 pages
Binding: paperback
Publisher: Contemporary Lynx Ltd., 2022

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