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Matej Sitar / America, My Way - special edition

Matej Sitar / America, My Way - special edition

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The book concentrates on selected moments of a journey across the American landscape. It can be understood as 3 different journeys across the country as each book contains repeating pictures in every book (9) as well as changing pictures (30). The aim of this approach is to show the vast amount of possibilities that a journey can offer. If you open all the booklets on the same page, this alternative pictures function as triptychs, forming a unity. The series presents an intimate view of the experiences of a visitor in a foreign country. It has been presented in various exhibitions in Europe and the USA and it won 3 awards.

Every cover is different and corresponds to the picture that comes with the edition. The polaroids are in an edition of 1 and signed on the back. They come with a certificate.

Text: James A. Reeves
Language: English
Size: 22  x 21,5 cm (book size 20 x 20 cm), 3 x 44 pages
Binding: staple-bound
Limited Edition of 39 books  
Publisher: The Angry Bat, 2012

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