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Revija Fotografija št. 102 / 2022: Vampyroteuthis infernalis

Revija Fotografija št. 102 / 2022: Vampyroteuthis infernalis

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A "postmodern" philosophical-cultural fiction written by Vilém Flusser a serious but little known philosopher in Slovenia together with his friend Louis Beca. Vilém Flusser's main interests were language, communication, new media and the information society.

Who or what is the Vampyroteuthis infernalis?

It is a peaceful animal with a very misleading name. Firstly, it is not a viper at all, but much more closely related to octopuses, and secondly, it has nothing to do with vampires, blood drinking or hell (infernalis). The most obvious difference with octopuses is its tentacles, all of which are connected to the skin, creating a tarpaulin-like shape. Another distinctive feature of the vampire squid is its popular depth of 6001200 metres below the surface. In perpetual darkness, heavy pressure and minimal oxygen, the vampire squid is at home. It feeds on particles of nutrients and protects itself from predators by wrapping itself in its own skin and showing the spines on the inside. It has no ink, but can shoot a special slime that confuses predators.

"The vampire child emerges from this fable (metaphorically), from aquariums (approximately), from tales of sea serpents devouring the ship (mythically), from our dreams (Freudianly), from the actions of the recent past (ideologically). It also emerges from our utopian notions of the New Man as hatred that turns into love, as a constant orgasm, as the realization of the tubiti: in fusion with the other. Whoever sees both sides of its emergence at the same time sees his own opposite side, that is, himself in two mirrors standing opposite to each other. Whoever succeeds in this has read this fable. Two mirrors mirroring each other isn't that the purpose of every fable?" Wilhelm Flusser

Language: Slovene
Size: 16 x 21 cm, 85 pages
Binding: softback
Publisher: Membrana, 2022

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