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CUKR #3 / Generation

CUKR #3 / Generation

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The third issue of CUKR has chosen GENERATION as its central theme. How relevant are generational (self-)labels and who do they serve: the people who identify with them or the marketers who use them to target different consumer groups? Does a generation have a mobilising and political potential? What does generation have to do with nostalgia?

The editorial part of the magazine focuses on the break-up of Yugoslavia and Slovenia's independence. It delves into the concept of the independence generation, which only started to appear more intensively in public discourse a decade after independence. And what have the independence achievers, especially in the cultural field, left behind for those who would like to make a name for themselves in it today? Why is there no good independence art? What kind of musical accompaniment did turbo-folk play to the break-up of Yugoslavia – and where have all the chefurs (and other subcultures) gone?

The central essay is by Christy Wampole, who looks at the impact on generational consciousness of irony, which has gone beyond a rhetorical form to become a lifestyle.

What is left of the generation of 68, why should we fear Plečnik's admirers and how did generations begin to dictate the content of Hollywood productions? Why are we all so tired, and why is it necessary, even in parenting, to break with the traditions that pass from one generation to the next and instead find new ways of parenting? In this interview, Emily Segal, a professional trend forecaster, writer, publisher and artist, tells us why generations are great generalisations that can exist especially in art, and in an interview with Italian artist Michelangelo Pistoletto, we learn more about the different generations of his art, especially the Fourth Generation, currently on show at Cukrarna.

The content and art of the magazine was co-created by more than thirty authors, including Dino Pešut, Marko Zajc, Mojca Pišek, Denis Adanalić, Eva Mahkovic, Urša Jerkič, Mladen Dolar, Miloš Kosec, Jela Krečič, Manca G. Renko, Asiana Jurca Avci, Urška Pečnik (Helmut Kolektiv), Urša Premik, The Most Beautiful City in the World, Igor Andjelić, Blaž Gutman, Meta Wraber and many others.

CUKR Magazine is a magazine about art and life – their intersections, outlets, divergences and complementarities. Published twice a year, in winter and summer, it publishes texts by the most important national and international authors whose work interprets, questions and makes sense of the contemporary. The articles are accompanied by original art and photography.

The magazine is an initiative of the Cukrarna gallery.

Editor-in-Chief: Dr. Manca G. Renko
Editorial Board: Dr Jela Krečič, Alenka Gregorič, Blaž Peršin
Art Editor: Ajdin Bašić

Language: Slovene
Size: 28,5 x 22 cm, 151 pages
Binding: softcover
Publisher: Muzej in galerije mesta Ljubljana, 2023

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