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Nataša Kovšca / Fotografski pojmovnik za mlade

Nataša Kovšca / Fotografski pojmovnik za mlade

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In addition to the most important social functions of photography and selected photographers who have made history with their work, this book presents the major turning points in the development of the photographic medium, from the invention of photography in the 19th century to the appearance of the first digital cameras in the 1980s. You will learn about the research work of the pioneers of photography and the development of the first photographic techniques. The book covers both the classic photographic genres (portrait, landscape, still life, nude, etc.) taken from painting and the most important specific photographic genres (documentary, reportage, street, sports, etc. photography). One of the chapters is devoted to the relationship between photography and painting. The glossary goes on to describe the origins of the yellow press and the work of the paparazzi, who use the camera to roughly interfere in the intimate lives of celebrities. In the final chapters, you will find out what new ways of distributing photography have been made possible by digitalisation and the invention of the World Wide Web, and what problems can be faced as a result of false and inappropriate postings of photographs on social networks. The final chapter presents iconic photographs that have made an important mark on world and Slovenian social history.

Nataša Kovšca is an art historian, curator, lecturer in the development of photography and visual communication at the Srečko Kosovel Vocational School in Sežana and visual arts editor at the Dialogues magazine.

Language: Slovenian
Size: 16,5 x 24 cm, 136 pages
Binding: soft
Publisher: Aristej, 2022
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