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Lucija Rosc / Mica Reads Jokes

Lucija Rosc / Mica Reads Jokes

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Mica Reads Jokes is a vinyl audio book, which presents Rosc’s grandma Mica reading jokes, which she had been collecting and writing down through the years in a small white notebook, conveniently stored in her wallet to be used whenever an opportunity arises.

The vinyl record is accompanied by rich visual materials on the record itself, on the record jacket and on the protective outer cover. The outer cover at the same time treasures a reproduction of the original booklet of jokes, which also serves as a booklet with lyrics to the recording.

In order to preserve the memory of her grandparents, with whom she spent most of her early childhood, as authentically as possible, Lucija Rosc's recent projects have delved deeply into a variety of family archives, the collections created by her grandmother and grandfather during their lifetimes, and her own personal archive. By consistently recording details from her grandparents' lives and incorporating selected materials into her artworks, the artist simultaneously creates and preserves the memory of the two oldest members of her family in a highly personal way, and attempts to prepare herself for the inevitable changes that the passage of time brings with it. A good measure of humour, unencumbered sincerity and visually extremely rich expressiveness allow Lucija Rosc to bravely confront the fear of death and write the most beautiful memories of her grandparents into eternity.

At first glance (and at first listen), the light-hearted and humorous content, which puts the artist's witty grandmother, Mica, at the forefront, raises themes of reminiscence, intergenerational family relationships, collecting and creating personal collections, and at the same time confronts the process of ageing, forgetting and human transience in a heartfelt way.

Language: Slovene
Size: 31 x 31 x 0,4 cm
Narration: Marija Kobale
Audio recording: Bine Repše
Mastering: Jan Bajc Funa
Graphic design: Lucija Rosc, Domen Ermenc
Edition: 30
Vinyl record production: XV.Obzorje, Idrija
Publisher: recorded in Gornji Grad and selfpublished in Ljubljana, 2023
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